Account Management (13)

In the Account Management section, you will find articles on how to manage your billing account, sub-accounts, contacts and sub-contacts. Here, you will also learn how to manage your account preferences such as when you want to receive communication from us and the type of emails or SMS notifications you want or don't want to receive from us.

Affiliate Marketing (5)

The affiliate marketing section contains articles related to affiliate marketing. In this section, you will learn what affiliate marketing is, how to activate your affiliates account and how to retrieve your unique referral link. You will learn how to track your referral visitors, customers and signups. In addition, we shall show you how to view your commissions as well as how to withdraw the commission using your preferred payment method.

Billing & Invoicing (0)

The billing & invoicing section of our knowledgebase contains articles on how to access and manage the different billing features from within your billing/client area. Learn how to manage your orders, invoices, quotations, services, billing contact information and many more! Here, you will also learn how to make payment using the different payment methods that WPConn supports.

Databases (0)

In this databases section, you will find how-to guides related to databases. The articles here cover MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL among others. You will learn how to interract with the different databases and database engines within your hosting control panel as well those not found within your control panel using different languages. Creation of databases, tables, database users among others are all covered here!

Domain Name Services (DNS) (0)

Meet the one-stop guides to the Domain Name Service (DNS). In this section, you will learn what Domain Name Service (DNS) is and how to configure DNS. You will find articles on how to manage DNS records. Here, you will learn how to create and manage A, AAA, AFSDB, CAA, CNAME, DNAME, DMARC, DKIM, DS, HINFO, LOC, MX, NAPTR, PTR, NS, RP, SFP, SRV, TXT and many other records. DNS security is covered here too.

Domain Names (0)

The domains section contains articles related to domain names. In this section, you will learn how to register, transfer, renew and redeem domain names. You will also learn how to point a domain name to a hosting account by way of name servers. ID Protection, theft protection, email and domain forwarding, sub-domains, addon domains, parked domains or domain aliases, premium domains, gTLDs and ccTLDs are all covered in this section.

Email Services (1)

This email section contains guides related to management of email services. Articles on how to create, configure and access email accounts are contained in here. Email forwarding and piping, routing, delivery tracing, auto-responders, mailing lists, spam protection and many others are all covered in this section. Let's say hello to IMAP, POP and SMTP. You will also learn how to use your email accounts with your favorite mobile/email app.

File & Folder Management (0)

Files and folder management is inevitable for a web hosting account. In this section, you will find articles on how manage files and folders/directories on your hosting account. You will find articles on how to create, rename, edit, delete, copy, move, backup, upload and download files and folders. You will also learn the different tools used to access and manage files and folders. File and folder permissions and privacy, File Manager and FTP are all covered here.

Miscellaneous (0)

So you looked it out elsewhere and couldn't find it, right? Maybe it couldn't fit in any of the other sections of our knowledgebase articles! Well, it probably is here. In this miscellaneous section of our knowledgebase, you will find articles that couldn't fit in any of our other sections. The net is big, and so does web hosting. Thus we coudn't create categories many enough to cater for all content. It's for that reason that we have thrown articles here!

Secure Shell (SSH) (0)

If you are a fun of the commandline, your section is here. In this secure shell (SSH) section, you will find articles on how to performs different actions via the commandline interface (CLI). Whether you are a CLI novice looking out to performing simple actions like viewing the content of a file or you are an advanced and experienced interested in executing advanced SSH commands, our how-to guides here have got you covered.

SSL Certificates (0)

WPConn's SSL Certificates section contains how-to guides for SSL certificates. Right from the order process, configuration, installation etc to ensuring your website is fully secured. You will learn about DV, OV, EV, single domain, multi-domain as well as wildcard SSL certificates. CSR generation, RS Keys and CA bundles are all covered here.

Website Security (1)

The internet is not secure! It's not safe! Cyber attacks are allover! That's why website security is very critical. It's a must know for every website owner. In this section, you will find articles related to website security. Here, you will find all the guides you need to have a safe and secure online presence. Whether your are a beginner or pro, articles here will be helpful to you.

WordPress (0)

This section is your ultimate guide to WordPress. It contains how-to guides and articles related to WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or a WordPress guru, you will find the articles here very useful. Working with WordPress core, plugins, themes, child themes, customizations and WordPress best practices are all covered in this section.

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